Welcome to Canbury School

Welcome to the Canbury School website!  As you look through its pages, I hope you will get a good insight into life at this unique School and a feeling of what we are endeavouring to achieve here.

Between the ages of 11 and 16, children should develop self-confidence and a desire to learn and excel.  Canbury gives its pupils a wonderful range of opportunity and experience.  It is instantly welcoming and friendly, yet it conveys to any visitor a sense of activity and purpose.  Its very intimacy makes it naturally free of tension and aggravation and, in our small classes, no pupil can be lost in the crowd.

I wish Canbury to turn out pupils who are mature, self-confident and not afraid to speak their minds.  A concern for others and an ability to work with them will also be of great importance in their future world of work.

Robin F. Metters

NEWS: Robin Metters will be retiring from his position as Headmaster and Ms. Louise Clancy has been appointed to become Head in September 2014. Please click here for more information.